Small in size, big on performance.

The compact TT1840 Electric Numatic Floor Scrubber has been a huge success in the BSC industry in New Zealand. Many cleaners have opted for this machine because of its affordability vs productivity gains and superior results which makes traditional mopping an unenviable task in their contracts.

One cleaning company manager sent a message to his staff saying “Gentlemen, we have found a great machine that will save you time, do a better job than mopping and will make you money.”

In addition to saving time in contracts, the mere fact of having this machine in the cleaning toolbox means an extra service that they can offer existing clients for areas they don’t clean and a more complete package for gaining new clients.

The TT1840 is extremely portable and can be loaded into the back of a standard size car with only one operator. The controls are very easy to operate and the machine has been designed free of hindering bells and whistles which invariably lead to problems down the track.

The TT1840 can be found in many places around the country, cleaning in operating theatres, fuel stations, sports venues, commercial kitchens and food processing factories. Basically, anywhere that has a floor that needs to be cleaned.

The 1840 series also has a battery powered option for those contracts that must be cord free.

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