Recent changes in European legislation have meant that manufacturers of vacuum cleaners now have to meet a stringent energy efficiency rating.

This has driven Numatic International to develop new technology in their vacuum motors which means they use significantly less power and top the charts for their efficiency ratings.

The new vacuum motor design is only 49Dba, it outlasts its predecessor by twice the number of operating hours and uses almost half the energy. Here is the cool bit. It vacuums better than ever before.

This brings up the age old common myth that a vacuum cleaner that is rated at 1500w is more powerful that one that is rated at 1000 watt. This is simply not true, and here is why. The wattage rating of a vacuum cleaner is a measure of its power consumption, NOT performance or productivity. Cheap varieties of vacuums often boast a high wattage rating, this is because they lack in technology and design to do the job more energy efficiently.

For a comparison, let’s talk cars for a minute. How often do you hear someone boasting that their car can guzzle more fuel than most others in the neighbourhood? You don’t, plain and simple. Why, because fuel consumption is not a reflection on how well the car performs at all. It’s a measure of how much your wallet will be hit because fuel is money.

Along with the motor, Numatic have also improved airflow with the new conical Flomax vacuum hose and improved floor tool designs.

The end result of Henrys improvements is that he will cost half the power to run, have a longer life and run quieter than ever before. 

Why not get one today?