Proquip is excited to launch the HGB3045 battery powered scrubbing machine to the industry as an addition to the range of Numatic scrubbers from Proquip.



You know his smile, you’ll love his simplicity, reliability and of course clean, dry floors day in day out.

(Don’t like the face? Don’t worry, Proquip also has a neutral grey version coming too.)

Here’s some cool features on this machine…..



Simple Controls 

Now with red touch user-friendly controls with a fully adjustable handle for the perfect working position, reducing operator fatigue when cleaning for extended periods.




Structofoam Chassis

Numatic has developed its first structofoam technology chassis for a scrubbing machine. Less than half the weight of steel but immensely strong, the new chassis is used on the HGB3045 





Gel Batteries 

HGB3045 is fitted as standard with Gel batteries. These are the most reliable batteries on the market with the added bonus of being maintenance free. One less thing for the operator to have to look after.





Tilting Brush Deck

The unique tilting brush deck design allows convenient access for the operator to fit a brush or pad. Storing the machine when not in use in this position will also keep the brush of pad in the best condition.





Over 10 million Henry vacuum cleaners have been sold worldwide. There’s no secret to his success… reliability, simplicity and always designed to perform for the professional cleaner.

Why not get one today?     

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