Firstly, why do I need to?

All Numatic Vacuums are fitted from the factory with a Standard Primary Filter and these filters in many cases, provide adequate filtration for the general user.  However, boosting filtration levels in your vacuum is super important when it comes to ensuring the health of others in certain environments.

For those people who suffer from asthma or any other kind of respiratory problem, Numatic’s MicroTex Filter makes the whole process of doing the cleaning a lot less difficult, even for those who have the most serious allergies.  The British Allergy Foundation has even endorsed it as one of the best allergen filtration systems. So, if you are using this filter in your vacuum, you will always have a piece of mind that you have improved indoor air quality.

How do I do this?

Adding a Numatic MicroTex Filter to your vacuum doesn’t replace the primary filter, but is added to become a secondary filter.  This filtration system captures and keeps even the finest dust particles lifted from your floor from escaping from the chambers or exhaust system of the vacuum.  

As a bonus, it not only protects what air particles go back into the environment but also gives added protection to the motor(s) ensuring a longer life.


The MICROTEX FILTER is Numatic’s ‘HEPA’ Filter.


Where/When should a MICROTEX FILTER be used;

  • In healthcare situations to filter bacteria’s (hospitals, rest homes, clinics etc)
  • Around allergy sufferers (i.e. asthma) particularly schools, kindergartens, homes
  • In environments that generate extra fine dusts such as building sites, factories
  • In situations where a high level of cleanliness is required such as laboratories

So what is a HEPA filter?

A HEPA (HIGH EFFICIENCY PARTICULATE AIR) Filter is for filtering out particles contained in an airstream at high efficiencies. A particle is anything from smoke to rocks! Sizes are measured in microns – this is one-thousandth part of a millimetre. And typically, smoke is in the 0.01 to 0.1 range; bacteria in the 0.1 to 10 range; dust mite faeces in the 0.1 – 10 range; and pollens in the 10 to 100 range (these are rocks!). HEPA filters work at efficiencies above 99.9% efficiency meaning 100 mgrammes goes in, 0.1 mgrammes comes out.

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