The Stolzenberg Battery Powered Suction Sweeper provides a solution to ITM Albany’s dust and debris buildup problem. 

TTE1100 Sweeper at ITM Albany

Albany ITM run a busy trade store that services the building industry on Auckland’s North Shore. A pre-nail truss plant is also part of their operation and they found that they really had a need for a solution to a dust and debris buildup problem. 

Proquip was asked to assess their site and offer a solution that would overcome the problem.

Our answer was a TTE1100 Stolzenberg Battery Powered Suction Sweeper.  After a great onsite demonstration they purchased one.

Here’s what Stephen at ITM says now about their Ride-on Sweeper…

“Awesome machine. Previously it used to take 1 person 2 days to sweep, now that only takes 2-3 hours. It has changed the way we think about a clean yard and increased the frequency in which we clean it. The simplicity of the machine really adds to its positives, the simple maintenance routine is easy to perform and we like how it can be performed by anyone. Overall we think the purchase was well worth it  and we as a company have not looked back since. I’d definitely recommend it!”


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Here’s some images showing the sweeper being used in different areas around their site.  

TTE1100 ITM Albany Sweeper at truss plant

Indoor Use

ITM use their sweeper indoors at their truss plant, to reduce dust levels, collect timber shavings and loose nails. 


TTE1100 Sweeper at ITM Albany

 Outdoor Use

It is also used outdoors to keep the yard clean and free from stones, bits of paper, wood and nails.