Meet The New TGB8572 Pedestrian Floor Scrubber

Proquip is excited to launch to market the new TGB8572 floor scrubbing machine from Numatic. This design has been especially built to be an extremely reliable workhorse, outstripping other floor scrubbing machines in productivity and reliability.  Designed with large areas in mind, you will be able to achieve a clean floor in no time at all and with less time spent on emptying and refills! Ease of use and maintenance is at the heart of the design for the 8572.

Why we think it’s great…. 

TGB8572 Floor Scrubber


High Producvitity

The cleaning path of 720mm or 28″ produces an impressive 2750m2 of floor cleaning per hour. 




Super-Long Runtime

Fitted with sealed gel batteries, this machine will deliver a full 5 hours of operating time on one charge. With a productivity rate of 2750m2 per hour, multiply that by 5 gives coverage rate of 13,750m2 per battery charge. 


TGB8572 Floor Scrubber Controls


Very Simple User Controls

The TGB8572 has a very simple set of controls that are intuitive to learn and operate. 



TGB8572 Floor Scrubber Flexifill System


Easy Filling Flexifill System

​Never fill your machine again with a bucket. The Flexifill system is a pull out hose that can be held under a water tap to fill the solution tank.


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