If you have a dull floor area that needs to be brought back to life, then you will need an industrial grade floor polisher to do the job. Drop the mop and the bucket – they just won’t cut it. The time it takes will be onerous and it will lack the efficiency of an industrial floor polisher. But where should you start in terms of selecting the right one?

There are loads of cleaning equipment products on the market, so that means you need to make the best choice for what you really want to achieve when revitalising your floor. Here are five important factors you should consider before choosing a floor polisher:

Machine Speed

General floor polishers operate between 300 and 450rpm (rotations per minute) – they’re great for spray cleaning and polishing at the same time. However, if you’re looking for high quality polishing that leaves a mirror-like reflective finish on the floor, ultra-high-speed machines of 1000rpm to 1500rpm are ideal.

Machine Weight

Generally, heavier machines apply a more assertive clean in a more concentrated area at a much slower speed. A machine’s weight is converted into a downward force over the pad, delivering maximum cleaning impact on the floor. So, if you want something that can achieve a heavy-duty scrub or an old polish strip, a heavier and slower speed machine is for you. In the same breath, a lighter, faster floor polisher leaves floors with superior mirror-like finishes.


Floor polishers can be customised with additional accessories to enhance performance. One of the most important floor polisher accessories you may want to invest in is a vacuum attachment – useful for sucking up the dust generated by polishing a floor on high speeds. This prevents environmental and health-related complications as dust isn’t allowed to build up, lowering risk of cross-contamination and skirting edge discolouration.  

Polish Pads

Pads determine how much abrasion and heat is generated on a polish surface. Here’s a quick breakdown on choosing polish pads:

  • Black pads – aggressive, durable and consistent, great for wet-stripping applications
  • Green pads – used for heavy-duty wet scrubbing, removing tough scuff marks in soiled, heavy-traffic areas
  • Blue pads – general scrubbing or heavy spray cleaning
  • Red buffer pads – ideal for a high gloss finish when dry or spray buffing
  • White – non-abrasive polishing, yields mirror gloss shine

Bring the shine back to your floor with a floor polisher from Proquip – the nationwide leaders in commercial cleaning equipment. For an introduction to our vast variety of commercial cleaning machines and to find out which machine is perfect for you, speak with the experts here at Proquip!