If you have a large commercial space – with a considerable floor area that needs to be cleaned regularly – then an automatic floor scrubber is without doubt going to be your best choice. These scrubber machines have revolutionised the cleaning equipment industry due to their numerous advantages, especially in commercial cleaning situations!

In this blog post we’ll take you some of the key features that make floor scrubbers so popular across the board, and introduce you to some types of floor scrubber that we have on offer here at Proquip!

Easier to use than ever

Automatic floor scrubbers can be pushed from behind or, for bigger models, the user rides on top. Both of these options are extremely easy to use, and it won’t take long to train any of your employees on how to operate them without issue. While some models are fitted with power cords and need to be plugged in, the majority of automatic floor scrubbers are powered by rechargeable batteries – there’ll never be the need to hunt for a place to plug it in, and employees won’t be restricted by the length of a cord.

Floors dry faster, saving you time

Traditional methods of thoroughly cleaning floors will often require considerable time to dry – think of how long the floors normally take to dry after being cleaned with a mop. On the other hand, automatic floor scrubbers use less water, so a surface will naturally take far less time to dry after cleaning. This is of great benefit to a business, as you can almost immediately go back to using the floor as normal, without needing to worry about the chance of slipping and hurting yourself!

Clean larger spaces more efficiently

Since automatic floor scrubbers have wider scrub paths than most other methods of floor cleaning, they’re able to clean much larger spaces far quicker and more efficiently – you’ll save time and energy thanks to the size of these machines and their advanced technology.

Due to the lower amount of water and chemicals used by automatic floor scrubbers, another benefit they bring is that they’re much more hygienic and environmentally friendly when compared with other methods of floor cleaning, while also requiring you to spend less on cleaning products to make them run! Overall, these machines make cleaning your floor far more efficient in terms of costs incurred and resources used.

Get a Proquip floor scrubber today!

As a commercial cleaning products specialist, Proquip can provide you with the automatic floor scrubber machine you need for your building, and can direct you to the model that’ll best meet your needs. Contact Proquip now and find out what we can do to make your cleaning experience easier with our high-quality commercial cleaning supplies and machines.