There are a number of upsides to hard floors, as opposed to soft flooring, when it comes to commercial and industrial flooring.

They are hard-wearing, and come in a variety of materials to suit. They’re straightforward to clean as well – dirt and grime sit on the surface of the floor, as opposed to settling deeply into carpet. On the other side of the equation, a hard floor will require specific maintenance, as per the floor material, over its life in order to remain in good condition.

Read our guide to for an introduction on caring for a variety of hard floors, and keep them looking good for longer.

Wood flooring

Wood floors will need to be regularly swept, to ensure loose debris is cleaned up. While at home your broom may do the trick, on a commercial scale you will be looking towards a floor sweeper.

Occasionally your wooden floor may be asking for a polish. Bringing the shine back is simple with a floor polisher.

Over the floor’s life you will be wanting to sand back and re-seal the floor, in essence re-surfacing the material. 

Concrete flooring

Whether you have a robust and well-worn industrial concrete floor, or a slick, polished office floor, the place to start is a floor sweepers and floor scrubbers.

Floor sweepers can quickly and efficiently sweep up debris that may litter your concrete floor. Whether dust and dirt build-up over the week, or industrial particles like sawdust and silica, floor sweepers can quickly clean to keep your concrete floor safe (and limit airborne particulates).

Floor scrubbers are a great option for concrete floors because they have a lower rotation speed. They won’t scratch your surface, or burn off any floor seals you have. However, they also won’t bring your surface back up to a polish. For that you will need a polisher, which operates at a higher RPM.

Floor scrubbers and floor sweepers can come in a range of sizes, to suit the size of your commercial space.

Over time you may be wanting to re-seal the concrete floor. Concrete is porous, so sealing the concrete can avoid liquids seeping into the material, staining it.


Upkeep of linoleum and vinyl is more involved than concrete (whether polished and sealed, or raw). In addition to regularly sweeping, you may want to bring the lustre back to your surface.

Floor polishers are your friends here. We’ve gone in depth before, looking at 4 factors you need to consider before choosing a polisher. Polishing is important, because it applies a deeper clean to the floor, and allows the floor more resistance to wear and tear. On that note, for an even more hard-wearing surface, you will want to look towards burnishing the floor, with a floor burnisher. The higher speed will provide an extreme glossy, mirror finish.


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