Innopack Global Ltd

Equipment: Matrix Battery Sweeper 900mm by Stolzenberg



We spoke to the managing director of Innopack Global Ltd in Auckland about their Stolzenberg Matrix 900 sweeper and the message was clear – they love it!

Innopack Global Ltd is a product, packaging, and procurement company that specialises in food and beverage, industrial, and sustainable packaging and global procurement, which means keeping their warehouse clean and dust-free is essential.

Denise Blake and the rest of the team at the Innopack warehouse on Auckland’s North Shore were fed up with the dust caused by sweeping their 1500m2 warehouse floor space with brooms. Denise started her research online and came across Proquip New Zealand’s website. The site itself was easy to use, had a wealth of easy-to-understand information and was simple to navigate and find the products she was looking for. After a call to the team at Proquip, they came out to the warehouse to take a look at the space.

Finding the perfect fit

After assessing the size of the warehouse, the layout, and the types of products housed there, the Matrix 900 sweeper was recommended.

The Matrix 900 Battery Sweeper is an automated sweeper equipped with powered main and side brooms and a dust control system that significantly reduces the amount of dust and particles as it sweeps. This was particularly important for Innopack as much of the products stored in the warehouse are from the food and beverage industry. Industry standards demand an extremely high level of cleanliness and the Matrix 900 is absolutely perfect for ensuring Innopack meet the high standards every day. Because of the food and beverage storage, Innopack is required to meet HCCP Certification. This certification is an international standard defining the requirements for effective control of food safety and requires an extensive cleaning plan, including a no-dust policy. The Matrix 900 makes meeting these standards easy.

Perfect for both inside and outside, the Matrix 900 is so easy to use. And, according to Denise, is also fun!

“We’ve all had a go with our Matrix 900 – we love it!”

The ease of use, maneuverability, and light, easy-handling operation means anyone can use the machine. What used to take a good couple of hours of hard sweeping and endless trips to the dustbin, now takes under 30 minutes and all the debris and dust is swept effortlessly into the dust tray for hassle-free emptying later.

To find out more about the Matrix 900 Battery Sweeper by Stolzenberg, visit our product page or call the team at Proquip on 0800 277 678 or email us at