Fastway Couriers Auckland

Equipment: TTE1100 Stolzenberg Twintop Battery Sweeper 1100mm



The Fastway Couriers depot in Auckland is an extremely active hub with vehicles of all sizes coming and going on a regular, and sometimes rushed, basis. The depot also has a Ministry of Primary Industry quarantine area and keeping this area free from dust and dirt is of the highest importance. So, when Doug Hope from Fastway needed a better system for sweeping the floors of the 6000m2 warehouse, he called on the team at Proquip.

Doug needed a machine that didn’t just move dust around – he needed it to be swept, vacuumed, and disposed of easily, and that’s exactly what he got with his Stolzenberg Twintop Battery Sweeper 1100. The sweeper is easy to use, runs on battery, has amazing manoeuvrability, and is worth every dollar spent in savings in time, energy, and effort to the Fastway Courier team.

Floor sweeping made easy – 24/7

The sales process began a great relationship between the Fastway floor crew and Proquip. On the ground in Auckland, Regional Business Manager, Brent Hanson, took over the delivery of the machine and the training process – part of the Proquip Plus commitment of service.


“Proquip have been really, really great, the whole way through. Every question was answered with simple, straight answers and the machine is exactly what we needed. No complaints from us – not one!” Doug, Fastway Couriers


An exceptional machine, with outstanding support

Stolzenberg has designed an incredibly manoeuvrable, innovative sweeping machine that’s simply bristling with features. With a 1100mm sweeping path, long-lasting gel batteries (up to 5 hours of run time), efficient dust control system, and suitability for both inside and outdoor sweeping, the Stolzenberg TTE1100 Twintop Battery Sweeper is easy to operate, a joy to use, and saves time and energy for your team on the floor.


“John from the Proquip sales team was fantastic. He gave me the best options for what we needed, was attentive without being pushy, and delivered on his promise of an exceptional machine.” – Doug


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