Action Floors, Tauranga

With both his business and the size of the spaces he was working on growing, Chris Dennett from Action Floors in Tauranga knew he needed to replace his old floor scrubber with a new, larger, more efficient model. He came to Proquip.

Action Floors lays beautiful timber and synthetic flooring for large spaces including sporting venues. Once the floor is complete, the final step is cleaning and polishing it to a stunning shine for the client. Because of the size of some of these freshly laid floors, Chris found his old machine was taking too long, sometimes more than a day, to polish the floors to perfection. A visit to the team at Proquip lead Chris to purchase an investment in the future of his business and in his customers floors!

His new Numatic Ride-on floor scrubber cleans any venue space quickly and effectively. The significant time savings not only saves the customer money, but also saves Chris on valuable time that he can spend moving onto to the next big project.

The team from Proquip came out to conduct on-the-job training, taking the time required to show Chris the ropes. The training was easy to understand and had Chris scrubbing with confidence in no time. The Proquip team is always on hand to answer any questions or give any support required. The great after-sales support and exceptional cleaning power of the machine are just two of the reasons Chris Dennett form Action Floors is a fan of Proquip.


Product: Numatic Ride-on 120 Ltr Floor Scrubber 34″

This comfortable, driver-friendly, 120 litre, front wheel drive machine has a number of incredible features including a fantastic turning radius. This means it gets in and out of places other machines just won’t go. The TwinTec Vario 3 in 1 design has proved itself to be almost the perfect balance between common sense engineering and innovative and truly functional technology.

  • Variable Scrubbing Widths
  • 120L Tank Capacity
  • Total Chemical Dilution Control
  • Small Turning Radius


This machine is available for purchase, lease or hire