Safety and hygiene are extremely important across many of New Zealand’s industries, including the food, hospitality, and manufacturing industries as well as the health sector. For many Kiwi companies, compliance is a non-negotiable requirement, and this can cost businesses time and money. Investing in an ultimate time-saving, cost-effective solution that ticks the compliance box and saves you and your staff from exhaustion, may seem near impossible. A Ride-on Floor Scrubber from Proquip really does fit the bill!

These easy-to-use, super-manoeuvrable, ultra-hygienic machines cut floor cleaning time by up to 70% over manual mopping, plus up to 50% more than a walk-behind scrubber. This means you can at least HALVE the time you or your staff would otherwise spend on cleaning floors – and this directly affects the bottom line. Saving on time means savings in cashflow. You or your team are able to get on with other jobs faster, achieving more than usual in an ordinary day of work.

Check out how simple these are to use and how maneuverable they are:

Extra benefits include:

  • Happier staff members – no more mopping, sweeping, or extensive walking on hard surfaces
  • Zero emissions – it’s a clean green machine
  • Gel batteries that require no maintenance
  • Achieve compliance faster and easier


Safety regulations ringing in your ears about staff members running into things? Don’t stress. Ride-on scrubbers actually give the user more visibility than a pedestrian scrubber as they are sat above the machine rather than behind, making them much less likely to hit something or hurt themselves or someone else. And with a tight turning circle, these machines avoid the awkward swing of realigning into position.

Ride-on scrubbers effect more than just compliance and regulations, they influence productivity levels and budget. Convinced? Take a look at these amazing machines from Proquip.


CRO8072 – Ride-on 80Ltr Compact Floor Scrubber

Neat and compact. These machines are very price competitive with pedestrian scrubbers of the same capacity and scrub width. The Numatic 80 Ltr scrubber offers great user convenience with more cleaning capabilities than older models combined. The Gel Cell Battery has 3 hours of runtime which allows for up to 6000m2 of floor coverage. See more




TTV678 – Ride-on 120Ltr Floor Scrubber 34”


This easy-to-use machine has a seamless user experience. For a scrubber with such high capacity, it has an extremely tight turning circle and can fit through most doorways. The patented Numatic technology is unique to this machine and offers variability of the scrubbing width- from 650mm, to 750mm and as wide as 850mm. The Gel Cell Battery has 4 hours of run time, which allows for 10,000m2 of floor coverage. See more



You’ve made your decision – a ride-on floor scrubber is the best solution for you and your team. Great – we’re here for you! These machines are available to purchase outright, or you might want to try them on for size first. We offer a fantastic, simple, and cost-effective Proquip Hire solution so you can try before you buy.

Or, lease these machines on an easy monthly payment plan. Remember, the operating lease for these machines is 100% tax deductible.

At Proquip we are commercial cleaning specialists, providing you with the best advice and equipment you need for your cleaning requirements. Speak to the experts at Proquip today.