Do you or your staff spend hours, or even days, sweeping the floors at work? Is dust a serious issue? Is the back-breaking work of sweeping floors causing you or your team regular aches and pains? Do you want a completely new way of sweeping up that saves time, money, and you and your team’s health?

If this resonates, then you need one of our Stolzenberg Ride-On Sweepers. At Proquip we are proud to stock these high quality, top-of-the-range machines. Engineered and built in Germany, these ride on sweepers are the latest in engineering and technology and are made to last. The Stolzenberg Ride-On Sweeper range have incredible manoeuvrability and suction power. The patented dual roller system feeds anything in its path into the hopper without creating more dust like regular sweeping. This has proven effectiveness for sweeping up materials like leaves, stones, cans, dirt, wood, nails, litter and dust.



One of the key points of difference for the Stolzenberg range is the ease of maintenance. With a lift of the lid, there is access to the filter that can be removed and cleaned with ease. Proquip supplies petrol, diesel and rechargeable gel battery versions of the Stolzenberg Ride-On Sweepers with either a 1100mm span or 1300mm span.

The Stolzenberg Ride-On Sweepers are 10 x faster than traditional manual brooming, sweeping up to 960m2 in 10 minutes, in comparison to only 100m2 in 10 minutes of manual brooming. Not only does this boost productivity, but it significantly reduces the health and safety risks of manual work. Ride-On Sweepers push less dust into the air of your working environment, making it safer for everyone – staff, customers, and sensitive products!


Take a look at our feature story on ITM Albany Trade Store. They found that given the nature of their environment, wood scraps, dust, dirt and nails built up quickly. This causes a hazard for the heavy foot traffic of staff and customers. Our Stolzenberg TTE1100 was the perfect solution, reducing sweeping time from 2 days to 2 hours.

Our Stolzenberg Ride-On Sweeper range is available under Proquip Hire or Lease. To save the upfront investment, learn more about the Benefits of Proquip Hire.

If you’re in need of the perfect sweeping solution, talk to one of our experts about our Stolzenberg Ride-On Sweeper range and our Proquip Hire options today.