If you are considering buying or leasing one or more of our professional cleaning machines, a live demonstration, or watching one of our informative videos, might be what you need to make that final decision. Our no obligation live demonstrations show you exactly how easy the machine is to use, how it works, and how it will work for you! 

Whether you are a bit apprehensive, or you really just want to make sure you understand what one of our machines can do for your business, a live demonstration is a great way to see the machine in action in your own environment. Of course, we like to know a bit about you and your business first to make sure you are looking at the right machine for your needs and, if you are outside the major centres, we will need time to organise a machine visit.

Before we bring a machine to your premises to find out firsthand how it performs in your space, one of our friendly team will talk you through your options on the phone and arrange for a site visit to assess your space and your needs. We also have a number of customer showcase and explainer videos that talk through some of the main points of our popular cleaning machines. To take a look at our videos visit our News page or follow us on LinkedIn or Facebook to keep up to date as we add new videos about our machines.

At the site visit, our team will talk with you about your needs, assess the site and the flooring, and level of cleaning required, and then make a recommendation based on your unique needs. If you feel you would benefit from a live demonstration, depending on where you are in New Zealand, our team will arrange to bring the machine to you on a set date and time for approximately 30-40 mins. We’ll run through how to operate the machine, how to look after it, and what it can save you in time, money, and physical effort!

You will learn how to use the machinery effectively and efficiently, and our experts will explain the maintenance processes, what consumables to use and the features and benefits. You’ll even get to have a test-run if you’d like! After your demonstration, you don’t need to do anything. We can send you pricing or lease options if you wish and a top-of-the-range machine could soon be yours.

If you have already decided what machinery you need, then we will deliver to your site, show you everything you need to know and it’s yours, easy!

Are demonstrations compulsory if you want to purchase or lease one of our machines? No, they’re not always required, and our videos are rather thorough and compelling so make sure you check these out first! We are more than happy to demonstrate the machine to you so you know how to get the most out of it.

Over the years, we’ve found it much more helpful for our clients to be shown the features of the machine and how to best use it. You’ve spoken, and we’ve listened, so now demonstrations are integrated into your process for no extra cost. However, do be mindful of your location – we may have to take a bit of time to get a demonstration machine to you! This is where our videos can be super helpful!

Our expert team are always happy to help. And they really are enthusiastic about our machines as they know from their many happy customers just how much time, money, and back breaking work has been saved. We love our machines, and we know you will too!

Give one of our team a call today to learn more about our machines, our videos, and if a demonstration is right for you.

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