Consumer confidence is vital when it comes to the automotive industry. Nothing says high-quality vehicles like a high-quality showroom.

With recent reports (July 2019) showing that consumer confidence when purchasing vehicles is falling, this is the most important time to make sure your showroom, team, and vehicles are shown off to the very best of your ability. This assures customers that you are providing the best stock in town! Having a well-presented environment will dramatically affect customer experience when entering your premises. A good experience means that trust in your brand and products or services strengthens, and sales are more likely.

Automotive Industry

How can Proquip help?

With the right equipment that provides fast, easy, and cost-effective solutions, your showroom, workshop and the interior of your vehicles will be new car clean every day. Not only does this make for a more pleasant environment for you and your staff to work in, but it means every customer and potential client who walks into your showroom knows that you care about what you do. This is important in an industry selling investment items like vehicles.


To keep the floors in your showroom and service centres protected and looking great, you should look at investing in or leasing one of our floor scrubbers and sweepers. Our high-quality machinery can extend your floor lifecycle by protecting it from dirt or grease build-up and reduce any health and safety risks associated with this. One of our expert team can talk you through exactly which machine is right for you on the phone first, then they will arrange a site visit to assess your needs thoroughly and advise you on what will work best in your environment. If you still need a little help in your decision, we can arrange a site demonstration to show you how the recommended machinery will significantly improve your environment. Read about our Proquip demonstrations here.


For the very best and thorough upholstery cleaning inside any vehicle, consider our extraction vacuums. These machines are designed for dry, wet or spray extraction upholstery cleaning and car valeting. The Numatic range is of the highest quality, providing professional and powerful results. All extraction vacuums are equipped with a full accessory kit so that you can get to all those difficult to reach places, ensuring your vehicle interiors look their best from every angle.


Taking care of your team and your workshop


Keeping your workshop spaces clean and fresh is another way to sell more. How does that work, you may ask. Think of it this way – if your workshop space is clean, tidy, organised, has minimal dust and soiling, your team will feel better, both physically and psychologically, about being at work. Happier staff members generally means they work harder, with a more positive attitude, and a more positive attitude around the workshop creates an overall ambience of upbeat energy. This feeds through to the entire team, including your sales team. Happy sales team = happy buyers. Makes sense when you think of the big picture!


Most of the equipment we recommend for clients in the automotive industry are available for lease. Read more about the benefits of Proquip Lease here.


Get in touch with one of our expert team to discuss your automotive industry cleaning solutions today!