When it needs to be CLEAN, it needs to be STEAM CLEANED! And with our latest product here at Proquip – steam cleaning just reached a whole new level! Plus, watch the videos below to see how this machine cleans up in your industry!

Our new product, the Blue Evolution S+ Steam Machine, was designed and manufactured in the same country that brought us Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Maserati. Expert Italian engineers joined forces with engineering company, BEAM, to bring us the world’s most advanced steamer and vacuum cleaner, and here are the top three reasons why this powerful, precision machine has earned the title!


  1. Agility and Convenience

With non-tracking castor wheels and compact dimensions, the Blue Evolution S+ is perfect for sanitising commercial surfaces or work environments, even in hard-to-access areas. The castor wheels have directional locks and brakes which makes for easy, hassle-free movement. Plus, there’s an integrated control panel, allowing you to monitor and fully adjust the cleaning to suit.


  1. Sanitation – say goodbye to bacteria!

With its constant 8 bar pressure, dirt never saw it coming! Soils, dust, and other nasties are lifted from the surface while the integrated ultraviolet lamp deals to germs and bacteria, eliminating them with strong germicidal action. There’s also a 47 CFM vacuum exhaust, which prevents any caught bacteria from leaking out into the clean air. The ATP sanitation surface testing process has proven that the S+ steam machine achieves the highest level of sanitisation possible. Click here to find out more about ATP Sanitation. This is absolutely ideal for those who are working in environments where sanitation is necessary – the food industry, hospitality and the health care sector to name a few.


  1. Not just a steamer!

We’ve saved the best benefit for last. With large range of professional accessories included with each machine, you can clean tiles and grout, stainless steel, upholstery extraction, bathrooms, carpets, floors and details with ATP sanitation every time. The 170-degree boiler temperature is sure to break down dirt and with functions for steam and hot water, every surface type is catered for.


Bonus!! At Proquip, the Blue Evolution S+ steam machine is available for Proquip Lease. You can choose options for operating lease or lease-to-own. Find out more here.


To discover even more benefits of the world-leading Blue Evolution S+ Steam machine, click here, or get in touch with one of our experts today! We love it, and we know you will too!


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