According to the December 2018 reports, the food industry in New Zealand has a whopping retail value of over $10 billion and is growing each year. This huge growth means that you need to stay on top of all of the stringent processes of food manufacturing, including the health and safety standards. This is where Proquip can help you streamline your cleaning process and assure that you are meeting and exceeding the hygiene requirements of your working environment.


So, let’s not allow regulations get in the way of producing tasty food!


How can Proquip help?

With the right equipment that provides fast, easy and cost-effective solutions, your facility will be clean every day, in no time. This makes for a much more pleasant working environment for you and your staff, but also ensures that good food doesn’t go bad. We understand that there are strict guidelines for health, safety and cleanliness for our clients in the food industry. With so many elements to consider, Proquip can help you tailor your cleaning plan to streamline and speed up your processes.


With the help of our world-leading machinery, the food industry can benefit from a reduction in time spent cleaning the floors, an increase in productivity, as well as ensuring you pass the regulations with flying colours.


Consider our industrial vacuums with options for wet or dry surfaces that are purpose built just for you. We also offer a range of floor scrubbers if you work in factories or larger facilities. The floor scrubbers help reduce time spent on cleaning floors by loosening dirt and grime, sucking it away and leaving it almost dry all in one pass. Another option for the food industry is our range of floor sweepers. These machines can be used indoors or outdoors and are great for considerably reducing dust and debris fast and easily. For extensive sanitation, look into our steam machine. This machine can do it all, from cleaning carpets to sanitising stainless steel surfaces!


At Proquip, we offer expert advice and recommendations that are specific to you and your situation. We can organise a site visit to ensure you have the best solution for your space and budget. Just to help you out even more, we make sure you and your staff know exactly how to use the machinery to get the most out of it. You can go through a demonstration process with one of our experts who will offer support whenever you need it.


If you need advice on what the best solution is for your food processing facilities, get in contact with one of our experts today and you could be on your way to a cleaner and more efficient place to work.