Nothing gets people out and about like the holiday season! As the weather gets warmer and the end of the year comes closer, establishments get busier and busier. The increased foot traffic often means that the cleaning process becomes more extensive. Luckily, we have just what you need to get the job done quicker and easier.



Vacuuming is not only great for cleaning up dust and debris from the floor, they also eliminate irritants like dust mites and allergens. They are especially good for cleaning corners and trick areas around furniture. Maximize your mobility with the Superpro 700 Battery Back Pack Vacuum. This cordless vacuum gives you the agility to get those crowded spaces and hard-to-reach places while keeping the noise to a minimum. If cordless isn’t your thing, look into the ProVac 15L Dry Vacuum. This compact powerhouse comes with a 12.5 metre rewindable cable and 15L capacity, meaning you can clean for longer periods with ease.


Floor Scrubbers

The floors of your establishment, whether it’s a restaurant, shop, or a hotel, is one of the areas that will receive the most contact and therefore can require cleaning often. You never know what someone may bring into your establishment under their shoes. Not only do they receive a lot of contact, they can also be one of the biggest things to clean. Give them a good mop with a Battery 18 Ltr Floor Scrubber 14”. This handy tool is cable free and allows hard floor maintenance at an improved standard and is 30% faster to previous mopping systems. Don’t forget to top it off with a polish to give it that extra shine!


Housekeeping Carts

Your guests deserve the best, so why not bring it to them in the NuKeeper Housekeeping Trolley? Move with ease with their all-terrain soft ride castors and fold-away frame for those tight spaces. They also come with a large capacity linen storage and two 100-litre folding laundry bags, making linen-handling and servicing an easy task each day. Need a bit more? Have a look at the various accessory kits that it can come with


Steam Machines

There are many tasks to cover when it comes to cleaning your establishment, especially coming up to the holiday season. If you want to minimize the various equipment you need to get your place spick and span, a steam machine like the Blue Evolution S+ Steam Machine may be exactly what you’re looking for. This machine not only tackles all your floor cleaning needs, from carpet to tiles, you can clean bathrooms and upholstery as well!


Get in touch with us today to get your establishment spick and span and ready for the holidays!