Faster than a speeding dust bunny. More powerful than a melting marshmallow. Is it Aunt Bridie’s Labrador? Is it little Johnny from next door who eats everything in sight? No – it’s Henry – the super vacuum! Introducing the amazing little vacuum that packs a powerful punch in cleaning. It’s no wonder we imagine him wearing a cape! Why? Because Henry is heroic for many reasons.


­Henry, from the masters of cleaning equipment, Numatic UK, is simply the best commercial vacuum on the market. How do we know? Because when you add up all his features, well, the numbers don’t lie. Henry has the latest tech motor that puts out a discreet 49 decibels of sound, making him much quieter than his peers. He’s also top of the class – an A grade no less – for energy efficiency. Think of him as the Tesla of all vacuums. He may have a lower wattage rating than other vacuums, but that’s intentional! By having a lower wattage rating of 620w, Henry consumes less power for equal or more performance and has a longer expected life than those with 1500w. And, with his TriTex filtration system, he stays hassle-free and healthy every time. What a wee genius!


Half the energy to run, a much longer life, and quieter than the others, who doesn’t want their own Henry!? And it doesn’t end there. After all, what’s a superhero without a sidekick? In Henry’s case, that’s you! With added innovative features like a 10m cable storage rewind system and a 9L drum capacity, ease of mobility as well as new and improved accessories, Henry makes vacuuming faster, easier and more enjoyable for you. Plus, because he’s so fun to use, he’s a perfect playmate for the kids! Yes, get those kids into the cleaning groove with their new best friend!


Henry is the perfect pal for at home, in hotels, schools, hospitals, factories, shops and offices… almost everyone! With Henry, you’ll never be left in the dark… or the dust.


Everybody needs a superhero in their life, so why not try Henry, the super vacuum! If you would like to know more, or if you’re certain that Henry is your knight in shining bio-plastic, give our experts a call to find out how to bring him home today!