From potluck lunches, summer barbecues, and picnics in the park, summer has everyone flocking to their local supermarkets to gather the best and freshest ingredients.

This increased foot traffic in your supermarket means maintenance and upkeep is more important than ever, and here at Proquip – we have the right equipment for the job!



Cleaning the floors will be one of the biggest jobs for your supermarket, due to the large amount of space and the volume of foot traffic. Many supermarkets are open late and early in the morning, so cleaning must be done quickly and efficiently. The Battery 40 Ltr Floor Scrubber has an astonishing 550mm scrub width and 40L capacity, ensuring you can get the job done in record time. For bigger spaces, consider the Ride-on 80 Ltr Compact Floor Scrubber. With double the capacity and double the brushes, this machine can tackle the biggest of spaces. Even better, both machines are available for lease, with a variety of leasing plans for you to choose from.


Checkout Counters

Your checkout counters are where customers will be placing all their groceries, so you wouldn’t want them to feel that their products are being tainted right before they take them home. Keep them looking spick and span with handy tools like the OrbiPro Tool from iVo. This compact and versatile orbital tool is cordless, making it easy to reach all the spaces of your counters. It also comes with a rechargeable battery with an average runtime of 2 hours, giving you plenty of time to bring back that shine.


Spills and Accidents

We’re all human and accidents can happen at any time of the day. With the large variety of product in supermarkets, it’s hard to tell what might spill and when. Luckily, the Procare All Terrain Cleaners Trolley can help you prepare for any incident that may occur. Their large capacity deep drawer storages allow you to store a variety of cleaning supplies and its all-terrain castors means you can manoeuvre through those aisles with ease. Need something a little more compact? The Eco-Matic EM1 Cleaners Trolley not only looks sleek, but can still handle all your cleaning needs. It has easy access storage, 120L waste bin facility, and their all-round wheel buffers prevent any damages and marks to surrounding areas.


Outdoor Areas

While we may be told not to judge a book by its cover, it’s hard not to when it’s the first thing you see. This is why it’s just as important to keep the outside of your supermarket looking just as good as the inside. Keep your carparks and walkways clean with the Twintop Battery Sweeper 1100mm. This ride-on sweeper is a powerhouse with a 1100mm sweep path, twin roller system to guarantee 99% rubbish pick up, and is built to ensure easy movement even in tight spaces. This machine also has a variety of lease options to choose from, making it that much easier for you to give the best to your customers.


Whether the job is big or small, our friendly sales team are on hand to help you find the best equipment for your supermarket or your supermarket clients. Contact them today!