We are stoked to have recently featured in the latest issue of one of New Zealand’s leading commercial cleaning and hygiene market trade publications: The INCLEAN NZ Magazine. The article itself talks about our story and all the latest news for Proquip including some exciting times ahead with the announcement of Proquip Service coming soon to Auckland. Alongside our feature, there are some brilliant articles discussing work cleaning plans as more and more businesses return to the office and a special highlight on Thank Your Cleaner Day.

In case you missed our feature then read on to see our full article below or head over to the INCLEAN website to read the full issue.



Keep it clean, New Zealand


When it comes to keeping New Zealand businesses clean, Proquip has developed a number of ways to make it easy for their Kiwi customers to get what they need – fast!


With hygiene and sanitisation in the global spotlight over the last few months, Proquip, New Zealand’s leading provider of professional cleaning equipment, has pivoted faster than a Numatic floor scrubber and initiated Proquip Demo, Proquip Lease, Proquip Hire, Proquip Zero, and, soon to be launched, Proquip Service – mobile technician services.


This suite of proprietary solutions has proved to be a boon for many New Zealand companies, providing ways and means of getting the machinery and products they need to keep their businesses running smoothly, safely, and hygienically.


Family owned and operated, Proquip prides itself on offering the very best hand-picked equipment and machinery from around the world to a range of customers across many industries. But it’s not just the latest high-tech cleaning machines, equipment, specialised cleaning systems, and products that makes Proquip shine among their peers – it’s their people.



People – The Proquip Difference


As a company, as a family, and as Kiwi’s with over 110 years combined experience in the industry, Proquip knows what makes a difference to their customers. Great service. Their customers know that their customer care representative is only a phone call away. They’re able to help straight away, being on the ground in New Zealand, understanding their customers work environments, and their needs.


Even though Proquip has a nationwide presence, with showrooms in Auckland, Wellington and soon to be Christchurch, the team at Proquip are like family. Each of them is dedicated to helping their customers choose the right equipment for their needs and following through with after sales service, advice, training, and support.


It’s all about that personal touch. They understand each machine and product at an intrinsic level through training and regular use. With extensive knowledge of the cleaning range, they are able to decide what is right for their clients across any industry, making sure that the customer has the right information, the right service and the very best end result.



Nationwide Sales and Live Demos!


During the COVID-19 lockdown, Proquip’s equipment, products and machinery were in high demand. Businesses throughout New Zealand needed the best cleaning equipment and products out there to combat the spread of Corona Virus. The team at Proquip took calls from all over the country to service the needs of those businesses. The guidelines during lockdown were challenging, making it hard for customers to reassure themselves about the quality and ease of use of the machine over the phone. The decision to invest in heavy-duty cleaning equipment and machinery without trying before you buy can be a difficult one. With this in mind, Proquip Demo was born.


Proquip saw the opportunity to livestream demonstrations of their machines. Platforms such as Zoom provided a way to speak directly to customers and their team, giving them a live demonstration of the machine. Proquip Demo shows customers in real time how a machine works, its key features, main uses, and some handy tips and tricks to get the best out of it. Customers all over New Zealand can now get an up close and personal look at any machine they’re interested in leasing or purchasing without having to travel or having to wait for Proquip to come to them.


No matter where you’re located in New Zealand, Proquip Demo gives you and your team a front row seat to see and understand how a machine operates and how it will benefit your business.



Marketing Leading Cleaning Equipment – No Capital Outlay


Like many large business expenses, the decision to purchase a long-term asset that could depreciate is challenging. There is even more pressure when that choice needs to be made quickly, cost-effectively and, with the longer-term ramifications of COVID still a variable to consider, it can be even harder to justify investments in a potentially unpredictable economic environment.


Introducing Proquip Lease! Proquip Lease provides flexible leasing options to customers without a large capital outlay. Leasing is a popular alternative to purchasing larger items outright, allowing companies to acquire industry-leading cleaning equipment while conserving working capital. And with simple monthly billing and a simple sign up process, Proquip Lease makes getting what you need now, well – simple!


There are a range of flexible leasing options and terms through Proquip Lease and customers can choose which works best for them. The knowledgeable team at Proquip are experts in helping customers choose which option is best for them depending on their unique circumstances.




Service with a smile!


After sales service has always been important to the team at Proquip, so much so that they have developed Proquip Service, a mobile technician service. The newest initiative for the Proquip team, Proquip Service will launch in the coming months in Auckland for a start, rolling out in other parts of the country as the team and demand grows.


With any form of asset or machinery whether it is leased or owned, preventative measures to extend the lifetime of the asset are highly valuable. It’s clear that making the decision to invest capital into an asset is not an easy one to make and the value of that asset must be reflected throughout its lifetime to justify the investment. With this in mind, Proquip made their Proquip Service offering a priority to ensure the value of any of Proquip machines is maintained and protected as much as possible. Utilising their new specialist mobile service team, Proquip will soon be providing top quality machine and asset services on the road, ensuring the asset, as a whole, is operating at the highest level.





The world’s best cleaning equipment – no fuss, no interest!


In times like these, who has time for interest? Proquip Zero provides a 12-month interest free period on certain products in their market-leading range. This is ideal for those who need high-quality cleaning equipment on hand but are under the pump of a tight budget. Machinery like the Numatic Ride-On Scrubbers can be purchased through Proquip Zero, offering an interest free monthly payment plan with all the benefits of owning professional cleaning machinery without the upfront cost.


Cleaning up a one-off or try before you buy


Alongside its popular leasing options, Proquip also provides solutions for one-off use of its most popular products through Proquip Hire. For many businesses, professional cleaning equipment is not essential to have on hand, however, they still may need to utilise industrial cleaning machines when a large cleaning job arises. This is when Proquip Hire comes in handy as Proquip’s hire equipment tackles the big jobs without requiring a large investment, especially if there is no room in the budget.


With the range of options and opportunities to demonstrate, own, lease, or hire Proquip’s range of industry-leading quality equipment and machinery, and a friendly expert team on hand to help with advice, training and after sales service, it’s crystal clear that Proquip is all about performance, passion, and putting their customers first.