Robust, agile, with adjustable sweeping widths of
900mm and 1100mm, the 900EPro has your floor space covered!


It’s powerful, easy to operate, and it makes sweeping up a breeze! Introducing the Twin Sweep 900EPro from Stolzenberg, a true testament to the meticulous detail of German Engineering. Ideal for use in warehouses, commercial spaces and car parks, the 900E makes easy work of dust and debris.

With fold out side brooms, you get the choice of two sweeping paths of 900 and 1100mm. Plus, the 900EPro is fitted with the famous Stolzenberg designed twin roller system inside the unit so you know you’re sweeping up a storm!

The robust walk-behind suction sweeper is designed for professional applications. Its impressive manoeuvrability and comfortable forward traction results in efficient cleaning of large spaces. Sweeping in narrow aisles is easy with the Twin Sweep 900E. The integrated foldable side brooms increase the sweeping width when needed and make sweeping in corners and under racks an easy task. The extra large front wheels ensure an excellent manoeuvrability. The TRS sweeping system patented by Stolzenberg in combination with a superior dust control and filter performance effortlessly removes all kinds of debris, sand and dust.



Check out some of the amazing details and benefits:

  • Two side brooms – folding out from 900mm – 1100mm!
  • Large front wheels – easy manoeuvrability 
  • Forward traction – self-drive technology
  • Center broom drive
  • Electric filter shaker
  • Electric suction
  • High battery specs
  • On-board charger
  • Hour meter and charging light indication
  • Discharge protection
  • Front LED lights


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