5 Simple Ways to Make Your Cleaning Business Greener

As the world becomes increasingly focused on sustainability, it’s essential for cleaning businesses to embrace environmentally conscious practices. By taking steps towards greener cleaning, you not only reduce your ecological footprint but promote the well-being of your employees and your customers.

In this blog post, we’ll break down five ways to make your cleaning business greener, split across two parts: 1. Machinery and Equipment; and 2: Cleaning Chemicals


Part One: How to Choose Sustainable Machinery and Equipment

pacvac Superpro battery vacuum with plant in the foreground

Sourcing machinery and equipment that aligns with your sustainability goals is an important first step in reducing the impact that your cleaning has on the environment.

1. Support Brands with Strong Sustainability Initiatives

Before choosing your specific machine, whether it be a vacuum cleaner, floor scrubber or even a janitor trolley, research leading brands and their initiatives towards sustainability. This includes interrogating their supply chain transparency, labour practices, manufacturing processes and what they’re doing to reduce waste and increase recyclability. Most brands will have sustainability statements on their websites. Find a brand that is taking action in alignment with your values and views on the climate. 

Proquip has chosen to partner with suppliers who are committed to sustainability. You can read more about their initiatives, here

2: Embrace Energy-Efficient Technology and Innovation

Choosing machinery that saves on resources like water and electricity is a great way to reduce your impact on the environment while also lowering operational costs. Unlike most other appliances, there is no energy efficiency certification for cleaning equipment. Specifications you could interrogate would be the expected coverage of the machine, for example, for floor scrubbers or carpet machines you want to know how many times you might be expected to refill your tank to complete your particular job. The fewer refills, the less water used.

It is also important to choose the right size/capacity machine for the tasks you’re expecting to use it for when it comes to efficiency. For example, using a carpet spotter machine like the Sabrina for full size carpet cleaning will take longer and use a lot more energy and water to achieve the results of a larger capacity machine such as the Sabrina Maxi.

3: Invest in Long-Lasting Cleaning Equipment that is Easily Repaired

Make sustainability a priority by choosing machines known for their durability. Ensure you’re getting years, if not decades, out of your equipment thus reducing the frequency of replacement and diverting waste from landfills. Servicing your equipment regularly protects your investment and saves your business money in the long run.

Important questions to ask when you are looking to purchase machinery: Is the machine easily serviced/repaired and are replacement parts and accessories readily available? Good quality brands will have approved service providers. Research to see if your region is covered and be aware, that by taking your machinery to an unapproved repairer, you could risk voiding your warranty.

Proquip NZ has chosen to source brands and equipment known for reliability and durability.  With Proquip you can access servicing across New Zealand either with Proquip Service directly or with one of our trusted partners within our nationwide network. Proquip also offers scheduled maintenance for long term care of your machinery. Learn more about Proquip Service here


Part two: How to Be Green With Your Cleaning Chemicals

Agar green cleaning range against background of lush greenery

Many ‘green’ cleaning products fall short of their traditionally caustic/toxic counterparts, often consuming more energy or water to achieve the desired outcome. When it comes to replacing harmful chemicals with more green, environmentally friendly alternatives, there are a few things to consider.

4: Opt for Cleaning Chemicals That Reduce Harm on the Environment.

Select cleaning chemicals that contain biodegradable ingredients that are safe for wastewater and septic systems. Be sure to check for certifications such as Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) or Environmental Choice New Zealand that require meeting a strict set of criteria. 

Proquip Shop offers a range of eco-friendly cleaning products designed to minimize harm to aquatic ecosystems, including Bio-Zyme and the new GECA certified Agar Green Cleaning Range

5: Embrace Concentrated Cleaning Solutions and Recyclable Packaging

Consider the environmental impact of your cleaning chemicals . Is the packaging easily recyclable? Opt for highly concentrated products, rather than ready to use, as this reduces packaging waste and require less transportation, ultimately lowering carbon emissions.

The Agar Green Cleaning products are highly-concentrated, made using biodegradable surfactants with easily reusable and recyclable packaging. Explore the range here


Making your cleaning business greener is both an ethical and practical choice. By following these five steps, you can significantly reduce your environmental footprint while maintaining top-quality cleaning standards. Proquip NZ and Proquip Shop provide a wide range of eco-conscious products and equipment to support your journey towards sustainability. 

Get in touch with us today and let us help you curate a green cleaning solution for you and your business.