World class machinery to help maintain the professional image of your showroom and service centre.

The team at Proquip are passionate about specifying equipment solutions that can bring more efficiency into your cleaning routine so you can focus on what matters to you – your customers!


Impress Your Clients

First impressions count. Maintain clean, sparkling floors in your showroom and protect your painted tiles with our proven floor cleaning equipment. 

Clean Service Centre Floors

Protect your floors from a build-up of dirt and grease and reduce the risks associated with traditional cleaning methods. Using floor cleaning machines will help extend the life of your floor. Click here to go to our Automotive floor surface cleaning guide

Upholstery Cleaning

Offer more to your clients. Professional upholstery cleaning vacuums transform the inside of your client’s cars in no time. 

Product Recommendations

Proquip carries only the best leading international brands sourced from leading commercial and industrial-grade manufacturers. With Proquip solutions comes the peace of mind that you are using branded products that represent the very best in design, innovation and manufacturing quality and that all products are proven internationally.

Battery 40 Ltr Floor Scrubber 22"

The TGB4055 is the result of years of experience in the cleaning market driving the design and specification to ensure full customer satisfaction at all levels from management through to...

Battery 85 Ltr Floor Scrubber Self Propelled 26"

The TTV5565 is the largest of the Numatic walk behind scrubbing machines. Boasting push button selection for variable water flow and solution mix, the 5565 also has a variable width brush deck...

Ride-on 80 Ltr Compact Floor Scrubber

Bristling with practical innovation and user convenience the CRG8072G is competitive with most walk behinds of the same size. So now you can sit rather than walk and by virtue of the exceptional...

Ride-on 120 Ltr Floor Scrubber 34"

A comfortable, driver friendly, 120 litre, front wheel drive machine with a fantastic turning radius, gets in and out of places other machines just won’t go. The TwinTec Vario “three in...

Extraction Vacuum 23 Litre, 2 Motor

The 570 series has become the most popular contractors’ extraction cleaner by choice… and this is not by chance, but by design. 15L Wet Capacity 10L Extraction Capacity Twin...

Extraction Vacuum 40 Litre, 2 Motor

When describing the Cleantec 900 it has been called it the “truck-type” machine because it is built like a truck yet is as easy to handle as any of the Cleantec range. The 900 comes...

Matrix Battery Sweeper 900mm

MTX-900-TRS VB is an automated sweeper unit from Stolzenberg. This model comes equipped with an on-board gel cell maintenance free battery which provides power to all brooms and the dust removal...

What others say

“Outstanding product, outstanding service, outstanding follow-up. Well done, I have not had such good service in a long time!!”

Burger Oosthuizen | Burger’s Motor Works

What others say

“Proquip team has team has been very friendly and helpful to deal with. Machine is easier and quicker to use”

Duncan Fraser | Service Manager | Ingham Prestige

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