Concrete Preparation

Light grinding, burnishing and slurry vacuuming. All tools of trade for a concrete preparation professional.

Proven on the job –  get reliability in a rugged environment with tough, hard-working equipment. 


Speciality Wet and Dry Vacuums

The tough, industrial range of wet and dry vacuums are built to last the rigours of everyday use. Designed for both dry dust and slurry removal with powerful, reliable vacuum motors and suction performance. 

Floor Scrubbing

Easily clean up after concrete cutting removing all concrete dust ready to present clean, shiny floors to your clients.  


Built with an 18 horsepower Kawasaki engine, achieve the ultimate high shine finish with Pioneer Eclipse ultra high speed burnishers.

Product Recommendations

Proquip carries only the best leading international brands sourced from leading commercial and industrial-grade manufacturers. With Proquip solutions comes the peace of mind that you are using branded products that represent the very best in design, innovation and manufacturing quality and that all products are proven internationally.

Fine Dust Vacuum 23 Litre, 2 Motor

The DustCare Duplex 2 motored series provides a 100% upgrade in airflow performance and is designed to operate where much larger dust generation is present. As with the single motor machine an...

Hurricane 1500RPM Multi-Directional 500mm Floor Burnisher

The HNS is designed to allow for effortless performance at higher burnishing speeds. When size and weight are a factor the HNS offers the ideal balance. A compact yet powerful machine with supreme...

Electric 40 Ltr Floor Scrubber 18"

Mains power and performance and plenty of both, the outstanding specification of the TT4045G is, without doubt, to the highest standard both in terms of design and equally in terms of...

Battery 40 Ltr Floor Scrubber 22"

The TGB4055 is the result of years of experience in the cleaning market driving the design and specification to ensure full customer satisfaction at all levels from management through to...

Ride-on 80 Ltr Compact Floor Scrubber

Bristling with practical innovation and user convenience the CRG8072G is competitive with most walk behinds of the same size. So now you can sit rather than walk and by virtue of the exceptional...

Economy 21" Propane Burnisher 18HP

The PE420BU is an Ultra High Speed (“UHS”) propane powered burnisher designed to produce maximum output at a much lower operating cost. All the machines use an 18HP Kawasaki propane engine...


I have operated a Numatic vacuum for over 12 years. Easy to use, easy to get parts. Works well under very trying conditions. With its 2 motors we have no trouble controlling slurry & efficiently emptying it. Would not hesitate to buy another machine from Proquip with their terrific service.

Kyle Bond | Concrete Cutting Central


One of the most reliable vacs on the market today. These vacs can stand up to the heavy concrete slurry, run for long periods of time & have a tough construction design. Would not hesitate to recommend these vacs to anyone in the concrete industry.

Chris Edwards | Auckland Concrete Cutters


I have been using Numatic vacuums for a long time now.
I honestly would not use anything else.
Would I recommend them to others?

Jason Torbut | Polished Concrete Ltd - Auckland

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