Proquip Zero%

Proquip Zero % is a fantastic finance promotion on selected Proquip products. Look for the purple interest free logo when browsing our website. This indicates which products qualify for this promotion.

With Proquip Zero % you can enjoy all of the benefits of having a piece of market-leading professional cleaning equipment in your business now, and pay the purchase off in monthly installments with absolutely no interest or additional charges. This promotional offer applies to selected equipment only.

Look out for the below purple logo attached to the main product image as you browse the website. This indicates which products qualify for this promotion.


What are the steps to getting a Proquip Zero % deal signed up?

  1. Call us to discuss requirements with one of our friendly sales team
  2. Choose one of our promotional zero % machines
  3. Complete and return application form
  4. After approval, sign and return contract
  5. Pay GST up front*
  6. Take delivery!

Proquip Zero % is provided by Finance Now and is subject to Finance Now’s standard credit criteria.

Proquip Zero % does not apply to previously quoted prices. Contact us today for your Proquip Zero % quote.

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* The GST paid upfront will be claimable on your next GST submission. Discuss this with your tax advisor.