Manufacturing professional cleaning machines since 1980. 

Santoemma, located in Milan (Italy), have been manufacturing professional cleaning machines since 1980. Italian manufacturing constitutes reliability and robustness which characterises the whole range.

Santoemma carpet cleaning machines are one of the widest selections of machines and accessories available that are altogether suitable for professional cleaning of carpeted areas. Santoemma have accumulated many years of research and development, unique systems and adopted special technologies, to allow the best cleaning results and the maximum performances available.

Santoemma has developed its own method for the professional cleaning of carpeted areas that achieves better results than any other system available. The following points are focused on:

  • Quality results: the carpet is clean like new and it gets dirty again slowly, like a brand new carpet
  • Extremely reduced drying time: the carpet can be dry in 1 hour!
  • User-friendly cleaning operations: the operator’s time and effort is considerably reduced

The Santoemma Method incorporates all the cleaning factors within carpet cleaning and uses them simultaneously and optimally: chemical action , mechanical action, temperature, time and vacuuming.
Each factor has been optimised by the design of Santoemma special systems and devices that are added to a basic injection-extraction machine.

Injection-Extraction System

With the injection-extraction system, a solution of water and chemical is sprayed into the carpet’s fibres and immediately sucked out. The solution and the dirt that is removed are recovered directly into the dirty water tank in the machine. With this method, it would usually take many passes on the same carpet area to complete the cleaning process.

High Waterlift Technology

The drying time of the carpet after cleaning greatly depends on the vacuum strength. A specially designed high waterlift vacuum system has been developed for Santoemma machines, which allows up to 50% higher waterlift than standard carpet extractors. It is possible to recover up to 95% of the sprayed solution. This results in an extremely shorter drying time compared to normal carpet extractors. Not only is the drying time reduced, but also a better cleaning result is obtained. This is due to the extra solution extracted from the carpet fibres, containing extra dirt that was in the carpet. 

Injection-Extraction System with Mechanical Brushing Action

The cleaning result is improved with the mechanical action of a rotating cylindrical brush. This allows complete cleaning of each fibre by removing dirt from the base of the carpet fibres, which otherwise resurfaces a few days after cleaning. The mechanical action of the brush is therefore essential to obtain a professional result.

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