Proquip Service

Servicing machinery guarantees it has a long and useful lifetime helping you to maximise the value it brings to your company. Our Auckland and Wellington offices now offer professional servicing for all of our industry-leading equipment. If you are looking to ensure that your Proquip machinery is working at its peak condition, then get in contact with our team today!



With Proquip Service you can bring in any of your Proquip assets and have them checked by one our experts, making sure of its components work together the highest level of performance.

Servicing is a preventative measure that we now offer through our Auckland and Wellington branches to help your machinery last a long and effective lifetime, ensuring it remains a high quality asset to your business.


What is Proquip Service?

With any form of asset or machinery whether it is leased or owned, preventative measures to extend the lifetime of the asset are highly valuable. It’s clear that making the decision to invest capital into an asset is not an easy one to make and the value of that asset must be reflected throughout its lifetime to justify the investment. With this in mind, we realise that we can ensure the value of any of our Proquip machines is delivered to you, our customers, through servicing. Utilising experts throughout our company, we can provide top quality machine and asset services to check the components are working correctly and that the asset, as a whole, is operating at the highest level.


How does it work?

At the moment, Proquip Service is only available at our Auckland and Wellington branches. Depending on the machine and your preference, we can provide the service by either sending a technician out to your facility or by having the machine come through our sites in Onehunga and Petone. During the service, we will carry out a series of tests to determine if the components of the machine are working effectively and efficiently. These components include any piece of the machine and our technicians will carry out a rigorous inspection to check each and every one of them is operating correctly.

Simply get in contact with our team using the form below and let us know what machine you are wanting to be serviced. From there we can book a time with you for the service to take place.


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