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Steam Clean Against COVID-19!

March 18, 2020 | Glen Keeley

There’s no denying that COVID-19 has dramatically increased awareness of hygiene and sanitisation, but up until now the benefits of surface sanitisation have been widely overlooked. This new...Read More

Summer Supermarket Cleaning Tips!

February 3, 2020 | Glen Keeley

From potluck lunches, summer barbecues, and picnics in the park, summer has everyone flocking to their local supermarkets to gather the best and freshest ingredients. This increased foot traffic...Read More

Food Industry Insight

December 18, 2019 | Glen Keeley

According to the December 2018 reports, the food industry in New Zealand has a whopping retail value of over $10 billion and is growing each year. This huge growth means that you need to stay on...Read More


September 3, 2019 | Glen Keeley

The Stolzenberg Matrix 900 VB sweeper is our best-selling unit across the extensive Proquip sweeper range. Why? Informally known as the cockroach, this sweeper will eat most things in its...Read More

How our demonstrations help you!

August 20, 2019 | Glen Keeley

If you are considering buying or leasing one or more of our professional cleaning machines, a live demonstration, or watching one of our informative videos, might be what you need to make that...Read More

Sweeping up with Stolzenberg

July 29, 2019 | Glen Keeley

Do you or your staff spend hours, or even days, sweeping the floors at work? Is dust a serious issue? Is the back-breaking work of sweeping floors causing you or your team regular aches and pains?...Read More

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