Dilution Ratio Calculator

Use this handy tool to work out your chemical ratios. Simply input your final volume and the dilution ratio as per the instructions on the bottle.

Dilution Ratio Calculator

Dilution ratios for your cleaning chemical can sometimes be tricky to work out. With this handy calculator, we’ve made it simple.

Use this calculator to work out how much chemical concentrate to add to water for your cleaning solution.

To use, simply input the final volume you want to achieve (in litres) and the dilution ratio as per the instructions for your cleaning concentrate. This will tell you how many litres of cleaning concentrate to add to x number of litres of water.


For example, you have a 10Litre bucket/tank to fill with your total cleaning solution and your dilution ratio is 32:1 

Your Final Volume = 10 Litres, and your Dilution ratio = 32:1

The calculator will tell you to add 0.3 Litres (300mL) of cleaning concentrate to 9.7 litres of clean water.


You can adjust the unit of measurement (litres, millilitres, etc) by clicking on the down arrow next to Final Volume.

Please refer to the dilution instructions on the label of your cleaning chemical. 


Proquip Dilution Ratio Calculator