The Learning Centre

The Learning Centre (TLC) by Proquip NZ is an online product training platform that will give you and your team the skills they need to maximize the performance, cost-effectiveness and lifetime of your equipment.

Taking care of you and your equipment!

The Learning Centre (TLC) was established to empower you and your team to optimise the ongoing performance of your professional cleaning equipment. Through the TLC Portal, cleaning staff (whether new or existing) gain access to comprehensive product user training. This includes quick-start guides, easy maintenance instructions, and best-practice tips, all on one convenient website.

Equip your team with the skills and knowledge needed to maximize the performance, cost-effectiveness, and lifespan of your equipment TODAY!

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How It Works

All the knowledge and tools to properly care for and operate your equipment.

Students simply watch a detailed video that covers setup, operation, troubleshooting, and maintenance, before taking an interactive quiz on what they have learned. Once completed, students receive a certificate, instilling confidence and accountability for both you and your staff in managing your assets. 

Enrolment is completely free and courses don’t expire, so you have access to them whenever required. 

Training At Your Fingertips

Comprehensive training online, ready for you to access at your convenience.

Gone is the hassle of coordinating training sessions to fit everyone’s schedules. With TLC, the training videos are available online ready for you to access whenever it suits. 

Even as your team grows or experiences staff changes, TLC remains a reliable resource for ongoing training needs.

Your team can also log on whenever they need a refresher. TLC is as much about caring for your team, as it is for your machinery, by providing staff with a training tool that supports them every step of the way. 

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What is The Learning Centre?

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