Sports & Events

Sports and events facilities require a very robust cleaning program as there are large areas and expensive floor surfaces that need to be cleaned correctly.

Proquip has many years of experience with these requirements and can help specify equipment to suit your requirements. 



Investing in a floor scrubber to maintain your sport floors will save you huge amounts of time. Spec’d to your unique needs, using minimal amount of water, scrubbers will clean and dry in one pass leaving your floor slip resistant. 

Floor Sweeping

Walk-behind and ride-on sweepers not only reduce the amount of labour involved in keeping a facility clean, but they do a significantly better cleaning job. Use indoors to keep your floors grit and dust free and outdoors to sweep carparks and walkways. 

Carpet Cleaning

Clean up to 750m2  per hour with self contained carpet cleaning machines. From spot cleaning to cleaning larger areas, reduce drying time whilst achieving a significantly better cleaning result.

Product Recommendations

Proquip carries only the best leading international brands sourced from leading commercial and industrial-grade manufacturers. With Proquip solutions comes the peace of mind that you are using branded products that represent the very best in design, innovation and manufacturing quality and that all products are proven internationally.

Superpro Backpack Vacuum

The most popular of Pacvac’s backpack range, the Superpro encompasses the perfect balance of comfort, durability and efficiency, making this machine the number one choice for everyday commercial...

Hurricane 1500RPM Multi-Directional 500mm Floor Burnisher

The HNS is designed to allow for effortless performance at higher burnishing speeds. When size and weight are a factor the HNS offers the ideal balance. A compact yet powerful machine with supreme...

Elite Silent Self Contained Carpet Extractor 50 Litres, 1 Brush

Elite-Silent is a self-contained extractor for carpet and hard floor with manual traction. It washes, brushes and dries a stripe of 500 mm of carpet, moving forward, cleaning up to 500 sq. meters...

Ride-on 120 Ltr Floor Scrubber 34"

A comfortable, driver friendly, 120 litre, front wheel drive machine with a fantastic turning radius, gets in and out of places other machines just won’t go. The TwinTec Vario “three in...

Twintop Battery Sweeper 1100mm

TTE1100 is a maneuverable ride-on suction sweeper from Stolzenberg with a particularly strong sweeping performance. Equipped with a strong frame constructed of powder-coated steel and...

NX1K Battery 40 Litre Floor Scrubber

The TBL4055 scrubber dryer is a versatile mid-sized machine providing ultimate performance.​   Fast charging with complete flexibility, with no impact on battery health, all powered by the...


We approached Proquip in 2013 looking for a solution for sweeping and cleaning at ILT Stadium Southland. They assessed our requirements and recommended a Numatic TTV678 ride-on scrubber and a Stolzenberg TTE1100 ride-on sweeper. We decided this was the best value offering in the marketplace and purchased these machines. Now, 2 years later I would happily recommend Proquip to anyone that needs this type of equipment. I found them to be experienced and professional and have service second to none!

Keith Crothers | ILT Stadium Southland


I have to say that the Numatic TTV678 machine is of massive benefit to my work at the Avantidrome. As caretaker, I need to keep the complex in a clean and tidy state, particularly the track and concrete infield. The infield has benefited with massive improvement in its cleanliness through regular use of this machine. It is very easy to operate and has not had any maintenance issues in the time that I have been using it. Of course I do give it a thorough clean after every use.
I could not do my job effectively without it!

Rob Hammington | Avantidrome

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