Proquip Lease

Leasing cleaning equipment is an excellent way of conserving valuable working capital to use elsewhere in your business and paying a lease amount through an operating expense budget. Leasing is also often preferred when there is not a capital expense allocation for equipment that is needed before the next financial year.


Leasing means you can enjoy all of the benefits of having a piece of market-leading professional cleaning equipment in your business now, without the up-front capital investment.  Flexible lease options and simple monthly billing makes this an increasingly popular option for many customers. 

All leasing is provided by Proquip’s third-party leasing provider.

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Cleaning Equipment Lease Options

The standard Proquip Lease contract length is 36 months, however, in most cases, we can also provide lease contracts up to 5 years. Please talk to us about your specific requirements and we will tailor a Lease agreement to best suit your needs.

Operating Lease

The Operating Lease is our most popular lease arrangement as it means that you can get your equipment replaced with brand new gear every time your contract cycle comes around.

Ownership is not transferred into your company which means that it can be treated as an operating expense which is 100% tax deductible.

  • Operating expense 100% tax deductible.
  • Never get stuck with ageing equipment.
  • Equipment is not listed as a capital item on your books. 


This option of leasing results in the ownership of the equipment being transferred to you after the last payment is made.

Asset & Liability – interest and depreciation claimed as a tax deduction.


What are the steps to getting a Lease signed up?

  1. Talk with one of our team members to determine the most appropriate equipment to achieve the cleaning results you need.
  2. We will provide you with a quotation that shows all the contract options, monthly installments rates, and GST treatment.
  3. Upon acceptance of the preferred option shown on the quote, we will contact you to arrange the necessary documents to complete the agreement.
  4. When the lease forms have been finalised, Proquip will deliver the equipment to you so you can start benefiting from it immediately.

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What do our customers say about Leasing?

“We purchased the TTE1100 and finance costs were the same as the cleaning contract over 3 years – a cost neutral purchase. We were using a contractor on a weekly cleaning schedule, but the factory was getting dirty by the same afternoon. Now we sweep the factory 3 times every day, and if we miss a sweep, staff complain about the dirty floor”

Nigel Barrett, ENI Engineering