Proquip DelayPay

Proquip DelayPay makes it even easier to get the best industry-leading cleaning equipment you need for your business now – and the best part – you don’t start making any payments for 6 months!

Proquip DelayPay Deferred payment finance package

Get the industry-leading equipment you need now – start paying for it in 6 months!

We’ve just made it even easier for you to get the equipment you need for your business now and you don’t have to start paying for it for 6 months.*

This means you can enjoy the benefit of Proquip cleaning equipment for 6 months before you pay a cent! Even better if you are using the equipment to generate your own income. 



How does Proquip DelayPay work?

  1.  Firstly, we take time to understand your business based on your current and future requirements.
  2.  We then pair you with the very best options of equipment and consumables
  3.  We bundle this into a Proquip DelayPay proposal for you to peruse.
  4.  Upon your acceptance, we submit a finance application to our credit partner Finance Now.
  5.  Once the application has been approved and the necessary documents provided and signed. Proquip is given the go-ahead to supply you the equipment.
  6.  Don’t start paying until 6 months later!

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What are the benefits?

  • Zero payment up front. Although, you do have the option to put down a deposit of your choosing.
  • Easy, regular payments after the 6 month period is up. This helps with cashflow and budgeting.
  • Interest is tax deductible**

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*Subject to Finance Now standard terms & conditions and credit acceptance.

**For more information contact your accountant or tax advisor.

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