Do you carry stocks of spare parts for machines you sell?

Who services your products?

Can you send me a price-list for your products?

Can you do a demonstration on my site?


What does HEPA mean?

Does a Vacuum Cleaner with high wattage mean it has more powerful suction?

Why should I use bags in my Vacuum Cleaner?

Why is airflow so important?

What floor tool is best for a Vacuum Cleaner?

In what situation do I need to use a Hazardous dust vacuum?


Why can't I leave a Polisher sitting on the pad drive when its not in use.

What speed Polisher is best, faster or slower?

Why does a polisher sometimes swing to the left or right when you start it up?


How easy is it to change the pad on the Burnishers?

How does a Burnisher work?

Why should I always burnish my floor after it has been cleaned?

Can I burnish my floor without cleaning it every time as well?


If I use a stronger dilution of cleaning chemical in my Scrubber, will I get a better result?

Why should I use chemicals in my scrubbing machine?

Why is there cable powered and battery powered scrubber options, which is the best?

You have many different sizes of scrubbing machine, how do I choose the right one.

Is using a floor scrubbing machine better than mopping?


I have a very dusty environment that I need to sweep, can your Sweepers suck up dust?

Can I sweep up things like string, shrink wrap and ribbon?

Can your sweepers sweep on carpet?

Carpet Machines

Why do I have to air out my Carpet Machine after every use?

If I use a stronger dilution of cleaning chemical in my Carpet Machine, will I get a better result?

Housekeeping Trolleys

If I buy a Housekeeping Trolley with no bags on the end, can I put these on at a later date?

Cleanmaster Gold Sponge

Can I use chemicals with Cleanmaster Gold Sponge?

Can’t find the answer?