Stolzenberg and Sustainability

Stolzenberg recognise the need for continual improvement in reducing their carbon footprint through the optimisation of the manufacturing process, minimising waste and prioritising suppliers and logistic partners who are also committed to sustainability. 

Stolzenberg’s Environmental Considerations

Stolzenberg understand the importance of sustainability in today’s business world and are committed to keeping abreast of carbon emission regulations to ensure their business practices meet environmental standards.

Manufacturing & Operations

Stolzenberg continually explore ways to reduce energy consumption and emissions in the manufacturing process.

The facilities at Stolzenberg are designed to optimise energy efficiency and include measures such as energy efficient lighting, appliances and HVAC systems. They recently switched to LED lighting across the company and are continually exploring ways to use renewable energy sources such as solar panels to minimise their carbon footprint.

Their ongoing goal is to use energy efficient production methods and to minimise waste from their products. One step they made in recent years was to equip future sweepers with battery power only.  

Sustainably Made

Stolzenberg prioritise environmentally-friendly materials and practices where possible.

Working with logistics partners who prioritise sustainable transportation practices, as well as suppliers who comply with legal standards, Stolzenberg strive to reduce carbon emissions associated with sourcing and transporting the raw materials for their products. 

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Floor Sweepers

Floor Sweepers

Proquip has a large range of floor sweepers which range from small walk-behind floor sweepers to large industrial ride-on battery powered floor sweepers. Our German-made floor sweepers can clean a wide range of surfaces such as concrete, tar-seal, vinyl, timber and even large areas of carpet.