Innovation since 1889. 

Stolzenberg is a family-owned supplier and manufacturer of floor cleaning machines of the highest quality. Founded as a brush manufacturer in 1889, a technically well-developed company for high-quality sweepers has emerged over the years. For 4 generations and over 125 years, Stolzenberg have been in the business of service orientation, customer focus and a lot of technical expertise.


Today, Stolzenberg is a leading supplier and developer of technically superior sweepers and innovative solutions.

The Patented Twin Roller System (TRS)

What makes Stolzenberg different from all other sweeper manufactures is the patented twin-roller-system “TRS” which works far more effectively than any standard single-roller systems. The two lateral brushes sweep refuse from corners and edges in front of the roller brushes. The latter pick up the dirt together and transport it to the dirt collector, filling it from the top on the basis of the overthrow principle. The overthrow principle fills the dirt-collector up to 75%. The TRS reliably sweeps up all refuse, from paper lying flat on the ground to objects the size of beverage tins – truly an unbeatable concept.

Vacuum Sweeping – Less Dust, Even More Cleanliness

Innovative dust extraction system during the sweeping process cleans effective and sustainable, particularly in area with high dust content. The dust particles swept up from the ground reach the fluidised air in the dust container. In order to reduce this excess pressure so that the dust does not escape from the machine, the air is then drawn through the filter. This way, only fine dust enters the filter which can be easily cleaned from the outside and the dust captured falls directly into the dust container. Stirred up dust is channelled through the filter to capture it – rather that having it resettle after you have passed by. 

Products By Stolzenberg

Floor Sweepers

Floor Sweepers

Proquip has a large range of floor sweepers which range from small walk-behind floor sweepers to large industrial ride-on battery powered floor sweepers. Our German-made floor sweepers can clean a wide range of surfaces such as concrete, tar-seal, vinyl, timber and even large areas of carpet.