TPA Impex

TPA Impex

Luigi Amoretti, with his experience as a toolmaker, started an entrepreneurial adventure and founded TPA Impex in 1987 in Romano d’Ezzelino, a province of Vincenza, Italy. 

Committed to innovation and constant improvement of design and quality of their products, TPA Impex has become a leader in highly innovative cleaning products in the global market. 

Today, with thirty five years of experience designing and manufacturing of sanitisation systems for domestic and industrial use, TPA Impex has sold over 6 million units in more than 65 countries worldwide. 


Celebrating over 35 years of Excellence in Design & Production

The research and development department is the beating heart of TPA Impex. TPA has always been future-focused, committed to developing innovative solutions using the very latest technological advancements.

TPA Impex hold 150 Registered Patents including one for the unique UV-C System that generates the virus, mold, fungi and bacteria killing UV-C rays in the Blue Evolution S+ Steam Cleaning machine. 


Cleaning with less water & zero chemicals

TPA Impex’s vision of Green Cleaning goes beyond mere cleaning; it represents a commitment to a more sustainable and responsible future. Choosing technologies free from harmful chemicals not only protects the environment but also ensures a safer and purer food production. This approach is crucial to meet the growing demands of a market increasingly focused on the health and well-being of consumers and the environment.

Steam Cleaners

Proquip is the New Zealand Distributor for the Blue Evolution steam cleaner machines. Using no chemicals and offering the highest level of sanitisation, the Blue Evolution Steam system is the answer to many cleaning tasks.