Cleaning Compliance in Food Production and Processing

In the food production industry, maintaining a high level of cleanliness and sanitation is not just a regulatory requirement; it’s a cornerstone for ensuring product safety, quality, and consumer trust.

With contamination risks lurking around every corner, from raw ingredients to finished products, investing in top-notch cleaning and sanitising equipment is paramount. Here at Proquip, we offer an array of products specifically designed to meet the rigorous standards of the food production and processing sector. In this blog, we explore our range of floor scrubbing machines, steam sanitising equipment, and floor sweepers, underscoring how these solutions can help businesses uphold the highest cleanliness standards.


Floor Scrubbing Machines for Pristine Production Floors

Floor scrubbing machines from Proquip are engineered to tackle the unique challenges of cleaning in food production environments. These machines excel in cleaning both concrete and epoxy floors, common surfaces in the industry known for their durability and resistance to heavy loads. Proquip’s floor scrubbers ensure thorough cleaning around machinery and under tables, removing spills, residues, and contaminants that can harbor bacteria and lead to food safety issues. Their efficient design and robust cleaning capabilities make them indispensable for maintaining floors in pristine condition, thereby supporting a clean, safe, and compliant production environment.

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Steam Machines: The Power of Chemical-Free Sanitisation

For areas where traditional cleaning methods fall short or chemical use is a concern, Proquip offers advanced steam machines, such as the Blue Evolution S+, capable of sanitising hard surfaces, including stainless steel, plastic, glass, and concrete. These machines use superheated steam to eliminate bacteria, molds, and other pathogens without the need for chemical sanitisers. The high temperature of the steam ensures thorough disinfection, killing 99.9% of bacteria, making these machines an excellent option for areas requiring frequent and effective sanitisation. By eliminating the reliance on chemical cleaning agents as well as reducing water use by 93%, steam cleaning machines not only contribute to a safer food production environment but also support sustainability and worker safety initiatives.

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Floor Sweepers: Keeping Warehousing and Storage Areas Free of Dust & Debris


Dust and debris in warehousing and storage areas, as well as outdoor spaces, can quickly become a source of contamination if not adequately managed. Proquip’s floor sweepers are designed to efficiently collect debris and dust, maintaining clean surfaces and air quality. These sweepers are versatile enough to be used across various areas, from indoor warehousing to outdoor storage spaces, ensuring that the entire production and storage facility remains free from potential contaminants. Regular use of sweepers is a critical component of a comprehensive cleaning regimen, contributing to overall cleanliness and hygiene standards.

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Beyond Machinery

Food Safe Cleaning with MPI Approved Cleaning Products

MPI Approved cleaning products ensure you are compliant and eliminate the risk of contamination. Proquip’s range ensure there is an MPI Approved chemical no matter the cleaning task. 

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Prevent Cross-Contamination with Colour Coding

Colour coding is the practice of designating colours to specific cleaning tasks or areas. Colour-coding your cleaning consumables like mops, spray bottle triggers, and cloths, protects against cross-contamination between different areas within your site. 

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The Importance of Good Cleaning Practices

In the food production and manufacturing industry, good cleaning practices are not just about compliance; they are integral to operational efficiency, product quality, and safety. Equipment and products from Proquip empower businesses to implement robust cleaning and sanitization protocols, significantly reducing downtime, minimizing the risk of contamination, and safeguarding against the potential consequences of regulatory non-compliance. By incorporating Proquip’s cleaning solutions into their daily operations, food manufacturers can ensure a cleaner, safer production environment, ultimately protecting their brand reputation and consumer trust.

In conclusion, the investment in high-quality cleaning and sanitizing equipment from Proquip is a strategic decision for any food production and manufacturing business. With their advanced floor scrubbing machines, steam sanitizers, and floor sweepers, Proquip provides the tools needed to maintain impeccable cleanliness standards, supporting businesses in their ongoing commitment to product safety and quality.