Numatic: Sustainability, Reliability, Productivity

Sustainability is a driving force across all aspects of Numatic’s business and product ranges, from minimising their carbon impact to maximising their use of high-quality ReFlo recycled plastic, as well as supporting water projects around the world.

Numatic’s Commitment to Sustainability

Recognising the need and demand for sustainable cleaning solutions, Numatic have crafted their range to be more environmentally friendly but without compromising on productivity or quality.

A champion of UK Manufacturing, Numatic can respond quickly and efficiently to changes in the landscape, delivering innovative, effective and sustainable cleaning solutions to commercial and domestic customers across the world, servicing each business sector.

Numatic design, engineer, and build sustainable cleaning solutions without compromising productivity or quality. Their products are build to last, investing in low-energy, high-efficiency motors; high-quality, recycled materials; and new technologies to meet individual needs and environments. 


Numatic Make Better Products in a Better Way

Four values construct Numatic’s Sustainability Formula:


Building products that deliver the complete solution and are reliable and built to last.


Designing products to be more efficient, reducing energy use and carbon impact.


Ensuring users have access to high-quality product usage and maintenance support through training, troubleshooting and technical support, including the Nu-Assist App.


Building products that are easy to disassemble and appropriate to recycle.

Read the Numatic Sustainability Report 2023 or learn more on their website here

Made from Recycled Plastic

Made from a minimum of 50%  recycled material*

The Numatic trolley range is engineered from the highest quality, recycled material. 

ReFlo Technology uses high-quality recycled, post-industrial material from the automotive industry, which are diverted from landfill or incineration.​

The Numatic ReFlo-produced range of products carry the globally recognised SCS Recycled Content Certification. Working with an independent auditing body provides complete transparency and assurance to customers.

*All products certified by SCS Global Services guarantee a minimum of 50% recycled material is used.

Built to Last

Most of the 15 million+ Henry/Hetty vacuums sold worldwide are still in use today

Robust & Durable with Easily Replaceable Parts.

Numatic products are designed to be easily and economically serviced throughout their lifecycle. The famous Henry vacuum is designed, tested and engineered to last 25 years and be easily repaired. It takes only 75 parts to make up the latest model Henry vacuum and many of these parts could be used to repair the 1981 original!

A focus on water

Helping fund access to clean, safe water to communities that need it and reducing water use with their 244NX Floor Scrubber

The Numatic 244NX Floor Scrubber has 80% lower water use and a 70% saving in cleaning costs*.

For every purchase, Numatic will fund the equivalent of 5000L of water to projects around the world through Charity Water

*Based on replacing 16L mopping system with Numatic 244NX floor scrubber cleaning 7 days a week.

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Cleaning and Housekeeping Trolleys

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Floor Scrubbers NZ

Floor Scrubbers

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