NUMATIC NUC244NX Scrubber Dryer


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Live equipment demonstrations online wherever you are, our new Proquip Demo option uses video conferencing to show you and your team how a machine works and can benefit your business without leaving your office.

The World’s Most Advanced Steam Cleaner and Sanitisation Machine

One of the most effective tools to use against Coronavirus! Sanitise touchpoints and kill collected bacteria with UltraViolet technology.

Commercial & Industrial Floor Sweepers

From small walk-behind floor sweepers to large industrial ride on floor sweepers, Proquip offer a range of sweepers to assist your cleaning needs.

Product Range

Proquip carries only the best leading international brands sourced from leading commercial and industrial-grade manufacturers. With Proquip solutions comes the peace of mind that you are using branded products that represent the very best in design, innovation and manufacturing quality and that all products are proven internationally.

OrcaGel 500ml pump bottle hand sanitiser

Instant Hand Sanitiser

Proquip is the New Zealand Distributor for OrcaGel, a high-quality instant hand sanitiser. With 75% alcohol base, aloe vera extract and vitamin E, OrcaGel ticks all the boxes for a high quality and user-friendly instant hand sanitiser.

Steam Cleaners

Proquip is the New Zealand Distributor for the Blue Evolution steam cleaner machines. Using no chemicals and offering the highest level of sanitisation, the Blue Evolution Steam system is the answer to many cleaning tasks.

Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

Proquip’s range of commercial vacuum cleaners include, dry vacuum cleaners, wet and dry vacuums cleaners, battery vacuum cleaners, carpet cleaning vacuums, back-pack vacuum cleaners. All machines are commercial grade from reputable manufacturers worldwide.

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Proquip NZ specialise in industrial vacuum cleaners. We stock a large range of wet & dry vacuum cleaners, carpet cleaning and extraction vacuums, hazardous dust vacuum cleaners and vacuum cleaners for collecting fine dust.

Carpet Cleaner NZ

Carpet Cleaners

Proquip stock a large range of commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning machines including spotting machines, large area carpet washing machines, and stain extractor machines. Most models can be fitted with a hot water heater for extracting on heavily soiled carpets.

Floor Polishers and Burnishers

Floor Polishers and Burnishers

Proquip have a large range of rotary floorcare machine for buffing, scrubbing, polishing and burnishing many different types of floors. From electric floor polishers to propane powered gas burnishers Proquip’s range has you covered.

Floor Scrubbers NZ

Floor Scrubbers

Proquip stocks a wide range of commercial and industrial floor scrubbing machines for cleaning a range of floor types including concrete, stone, vinyl, terrazzo and timber. Call us today on 0800 277 678 to get a recommendation on the best floor scrubber for you.

iVo Cordless Commercial Cleaning Tools

iVO Power Tools

Proquip stocks the iVO range of cleaning power tools that are an essential tool for every cleaner. Waterproof, long reach and orbital cleaning tools make up the range of cordless cleaning units.

Floor Sweepers

Floor Sweepers

Proquip has a large range of floor sweepers which range from small walk-behind floor sweepers to large industrial ride-on battery powered floor sweepers. Our German-made floor sweepers can clean a wide range of surfaces such as concrete, tar-seal, vinyl, timber and even large areas of carpet.

Laundry, Cleaning & Housekeeping Trolleys

Cleaning and Housekeeping Trolleys

Proquip stocks a large range of trolleys for commercial cleaning and housekeeping. The cleaning trolley range consists of small trolleys for mopping up to larger units for full cleaning service and waste collection. The housekeeping range has laundry collection units as well as units for distributing clean linen and amenities.

Pioneer Eclipse Floorcare Chemical

Floorcare Chemicals

Proquip stocks floorcare chemicals for carpet, hard floors, linoleum, wood, or vinyl composite tile. With variables based on shine, traffic and burnishing days.

Floor Cleaning & Polishing Pads

Floor Polishing Pads

Floor pads for cleaning, scrubbing, stripping & buffing many types of floors. Visit us online to know more about our range of floor pads. Contact us today!

Cleanmaster Gold Sponge

The best eraser sponge for removing stubborn marks using only water. Ideal for any commercial or domestic cleaning environment. Enquire today!

AGAR carpet cleaning chemicals

Carpet Cleaning Chemicals

Proquip is the New Zealand distributor for the AGAR brand of carpet cleaning chemicals. With its origins from the 1960’s, AGAR has become renowned for quality products using highly complex chemistry.

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“Since we have purchased the new cleaning machinery we are really happy with the way our cleaning operation is going, the floor looks amazing and we can see a huge difference in the result!”

Ashley Shore | New World Blenheim | Owner/Operator

This floor scrubber has made a big difference to the cleanliness of our workshop floor. Its fast and efficient to use as well as easy to maintain. Brilliant service from the team!

Volker & Brad | Hilti

This TTE1100 has lived up to all our expectations. The overall presentation of the factory markedly improved, and dust control in the factory is much better. I highly recommend it!

Nigel | ENI Engineering Ltd | Operations Manager

The Numatic TTV678 machine is of massive benefit to my work. The infield has benefited with massive improvement in its cleanliness. It’s very easy to operate and I could not do my job effectively without it!

Rob Hammington | Avantidrome | Caretaker

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