Fast Charge, Long Life, Flexible Power

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Introducing NX1K Lithium Phosphate Technology from Numatic.

NX1K brings the latest Lithium technology to the Numatic Floor Care range, delivering more runtime with faster, flexible charging and long-life power with the same professional results and reliability.

  • Saves you Money
  • Runs Longer
  • Charges Faster
  • More Sustainable
  • 8 Year Warranty

The Science Behind NX1K

Derived from an extensive research and development programme, NX1K battery technology brings the benefits of longer runtime, flexible charging and extended battery life to Numatic customers. Matt Coles, Head of Technology, explains more in this video:


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Two lithium iron phosphate NX1K batteries on a grey and teal background

Saves You Money

1 NX1K Battery = x4 Traditional Lead

Investing in lithium phosphate compared to routinely replacing lead batteries and associated service costs provides a positive return on investment across the NX1K range, therefore saving you money. 

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two bars demonstrating lifespan of NX1K Lithium battery vs Lead battery in years

Runs LongerTwo watches that represent the runtime of a lead battery vs NX1K lithium iron phosphate battery

Increased runtime of up to 44% compared to lead batteries

Configurable performance that suits you, ensuring you can keep cleaning when it is most convenient for you.

Learn more about the difference between NX1K and Lead-Acid batteries in our blog Lead-Acid vs. Lithium Batteries

*Any comparisons used are based on typical usage scenarios, results may differ. Performance comparisons use equivalent GelTec models. 


Deconstructed lithium iron phosphate NX1K battery

Fast & Flexible Charging

NX1K Fast Charge Technology drives productivity, providing you and increase in machine availability in comparison to Lead.

Unlike Lead, NX1K Fast Charge Technology allows completely flexible charging, allowing you to use your machine whenever you need to, no matter how much it’s charged. 

  • Battery can be used partially charged without compromising capacity
  • Chemical stability prevents overheating

Example: 4045/6055T/8072 x 2 Battery Configuration


More SustainableGlowing graphic representing a plug and cable with two leaves at the end

Divert waste from landfills with a longer lasting battery containing no toxic, heavy metals.

NX1K contains no toxic, heavy metals and lasts longer than lead alternatives, significantly reducing material use and disposal, providing a much more sustainable solution. Made to last, the NX1K are rated for 4000 charge cycles with the expectation of lasting at least 8 years which reduces the need for frequent battery replacements and battery disposal.


NX1K 8 year warranty badge

8 Year Warranty

NX1K is guaranteed to last longer!

Utilising the latest Lithium Phosphate Technology and delivering over 4000 charge cycles, NX1K is one of the safest batteries platforms on the market. An 8-year battery warranty provides complete peace of mind for you and your cleaning fleet.

  • Expected 10 years of life
  • 4000 charge cycles




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