At Proquip, we’re loving the new NX300 Pro Cordless lithium battery! With a ‘one-size-fits-all’ delivery, this powerful battery gives the NX range of Numatic cleaning machines professional level cordless performance.

Plus, Numatic’s expanding NX range is versatile and ideal for almost any application. Quicker, safer and more convenient, switching to Pro Cordless raises productivity levels, saving you both time and money.


So, what makes this new range so great?

An extensive research and development programme utilising the latest battery technologies has resulted in a newly developed 30 cell design delivering a 60% increase in available energy. The NX300, truly delivers on power with 300Wh of energy.


Next generation Battery Technology!

There are so many reasons to love this new battery from Numatic, but it’s the technology and the engineering that has us buzzing here at Proquip. This is some of the smartest innovation in heavy-duty batteries we’ve seen in a long time. Here are some of the cutting edge features:

  • Smart Safe Charge System
    You’ll know exactly how healthy your NX300 is! With a built-in battery status and health check safety system, (SoH – State of Health) that monitors multiple parameters, you are assured your battery is safe to use at all times.

  • Maximum Energy Deployment
    The NX300 batteries are designed using Premium Tier-1 cell technology with high-quality welded Nickle power rails giving users enhanced performance in the lifecycle of your battery. 

  • Integrated Heatsink Casing
    Quickly and efficiently cools the pack in use, optimising delivery of power.

  • Integrated Cooling Design
    Keeping cool allows maximum power delivery, the clever NX300 pack design eliminates air pockets acting as an insulation transmitting heat directly out of the pack.

  • Integrated Handle for fast and easy replacement
    Quickly and easily hot swap batteries across the NX range making your life easier and your productivity at it’s best!


Here are some of the reasons our customers will love the new NX300!

The tech is impressive, absolutely – but there’s many more practical features of the NX300 that we know our customers will love! Here are some of what we believe are the time, money, and physical impact savings we believe will have our customers excited:

  • Enhanced Energy Storage
    Research and development in cell chemistry and a newly developed x30 cell design delivers a 60% increase in available energy.
    This means these small, lightweight, easy to use batteries pack a powerful punch, truly delivering a stunning 300Wh of energy.

  • One Size Fits All Productivity
    The NX300 offers users a safe and powerful battery that is able to be used for a range of exceptional cleaning machines. Lower maintenance and greater convenience reduces costs of the Pro Cordless range versus other single battery and charger systems in the industry.

  • 1 Hour Fast Charge
    With a recharge time of up to 80% in just 1 hour, the NX300 range of products are ready to go FAST! 

  • Cost Effective
    Made for the long haul the NX300 won’t let you down. Engineered and tested for commercial use, this amazing battery will easily deliver over 2500 charge cycles, saving you money in replacements.

  • Runtime
    Each machine in the NX300 range has been specifically engineered to optimise the NX energy storage capacity, providing the right balance of runtime and power to optimise every cleaning job.

  • Longer Lifecycle
    A built in battery status and health check system keeps you up to date on the life cycle of your battery. And with more than 2500 cycles, it is truly built to last!


What machines are in the range?

The NX range is growing all the time – great news for the already converted! Also great news for those looking to start their NX Pro Cordless journey in their business. At Proquip, we stock the following amazing machines in the product range:


18 Litre Floor Scrubber (TTB1840NX)

The new TTB1840NX is simple to set-up and very easy to use. The fully adjustable handle provides the ideal working position whilst the folding design is excellent for ease of transporting and storage. Pads and brushes can be quickly changed with just one hand.

  • 40cm Scrub Width
  • 18L Water Capacity
  • 60 Minute Runtime Per Battery
  • 1 Hour Fast Charge
  • Supplied with either 1 or 2 lithium Ion Batteries




Numatic 5 Litre 36V Backpack Vacuum (RSB150NX)

This backpack vacuum offers complete cordless freedom with the most advanced, certified HEPA13 filtration system providing high-efficiency filtration down to 0.3 microns at 99.97%. There’s not much that escapes this bad boy!

Engineered to deliver outstandingly powerful cordless cleaning, you’ll get at least 80 minutes of cordless cleaning freedom, a 40% increase in airflow and suction, and maximum operator comfort, for optimum cleaning productivity and powerful, professional results. And it’s easy to use, easy to transport, and so very convenient!



Numatic 8 Litre 36V Vacuum (NBV190NX)

Due to changes in how we clean, there are increasing occasions when cordless professional cleaning is the most simple solution in managing challenging circumstances.

Complying with Health and Safety regulations is highly important and the NBV190NX can help with this! With his classic looks and style, Henry makes cleaning easy, effective, efficient, and safe in just about any situation.



Numatic Compact Floor Scrubber (NUC244NX)

70% Saving in Cleaning Costs! 80% Lower Water Use! Why would you use anything else?

Agile and lightweight, the 244NX can ‘park up’ anywhere whilst you move obstacles or carry other tasks, is easy to use, and makes cleaning clean, dry, and safe! The lightweight design makes using it a breeze as well as being ergonomically better for you and your team. Plus, its easy on the environment, saving over 5000 litres of water per year! It’s also compatible with Numatic’s NuAssist App making training and maintenance simple.




To find out more or to book a FREE Demo online or on site of your preferred product, talk to our friendly team at Proquip today!

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