The 7 steps to carpet cleaning success

Successful commercial carpet cleaning is a little like putting the pieces of a puzzle together. We’ve made the puzzle easy with our 7 steps to carpet cleaning success!


We want to help ensure that the carpets you take care of are truly, deeply, hygienically clean, so our experts put their heads together to come up with our 7 steps. Followed, we know that you can rest assured you are giving your customers the best, most comprehensive clean for their carpets.


7 steps of carpet cleaning

  1. Pre-clean

Pre-cleaning, your carpet enables you to remove all the dirt and fluff that accumulates on the surface of the carpet fibres. These are usually the pieces that we vacuum up when seen. To pre-clean vacuum carpet to remove all loose debris. This is best done with an upright vacuum or vacuum with a power brush. A good vacuum for this is the Santoemma “BT450” upright vacuum cleaner.


  1. Apply treatment to stains

Sometimes you can forget to treat stains as soon as they occur. This result in the stain settling into the carpets fibers. To aid the lifting of the stains treat with appropriate spotter and stain removing chemicals. Extract with spotter, like Santoemma’s “Sabrina Carpet Spotter”.


  1. Pre-spray main carpet areas

Once surface areas look relative clean it’s time to use the bigger machines. Using spraying equipment, apply pre-spray chemicals to main carpet areas. This can be achieved with most carpet cleaning extractors.


  1. Rinse with water – elevated temperature

As we all know, hot water is the best solution for killing any bacteria and germs. Carpet can be a breeding ground for molds to form when not taken care of properly. Therefore, the hot water and the chemicals help to strip the dirt from deep within the carpet. The best way to apply hot water is using a hot water heat exchange on your carpet machine.


  1. Agitate carpet with power brush

Power brush agitation dislodges dirt from the base of carpet fibres which will have been partially dislodged by the hot water, along with cleansing the carpet with the hot soapy solution.


  1. Extract

As the chemical, water and dirt are now soluble and can be sucked up together into the recovery tank of the carpet extractor machine.


  1. Facilitate carpet drying

Airflow is now needed to speed up the drying process. This is best done by opening windows and utilizing carpet blowers to create strong airflow for water to evaporate.


For steps 3-6, most Santoemma carpet extractor machines undertake all those processes making it an easier and less time-consuming process for you.

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